Recent Patients of the MG Doc

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1962 MGB Restoration                                1977 MGB Rust Repair



Fire Damaged MGB LE                          1953 MG TD Accident Repair



John Twist's MG Tuning Seminar                    1974 MGB Restoration  



1974 MGB/GT Rescue!                        Austin-Healey Sprite resto-mod 



1956 MGA Restoration                            1980 MGB LE Rescue!



Triumph Bonneville Repaint                                          BOP/R V8 Rebuild



MG TD Restoration                                        TR3 Restoration



1966 MGB                                              Triumph TR3 Restoration

 2nd Place in class winner at  MG 2006                                                                           



           Lotus 7                                                     1959 TR3 Project



              1973 MGB                                                  1949 MG TC Repair



         1963 MGB                                                        1960 MGA

        Winner 1st in Class at 2004                                  Winner 1st in Class at 2004

   Midwest Regional British Car Show                        Midwest Regional British Car Show



1971 MGB                                                       TR-7 Restoration

    Winner 1st in Class at 2006                              Winner 2nd in Class at 2004

    Midwest Regional British Car Show                      Midwest Regional British Car Show



            Toyota Sport 800s                                                    MGB GT V8                 



MGB-GT V8 Conversion                            Austin-Healey Sprite repair 



1960 MGA restored by John                                                     1972 MGB



Early MG Midget Repair                                             TR-6 Restoration



         1961 Bugeye Sprite                                                             1970 MGB